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GREAT FOR MEMORY PROBLEMS, DEMENTIA, HEADACHES, COGNITIVE DISORDERS, STRESS, ANXIETY , NEUROPSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEMS, VERTIGO, TINNITUS, MOVEMENT DISORDERS, ANGER ISSUES AND SLEEP PROBLEMS. PERFECT FOR MEDITATION, STUDY TIME, FOCUSING & CHRONIC PAIN AS WELL ! PLEASE USE HEADPHONES FOR BEST RESULTS ! PLAY AS MUCH AS YOU CAN FOR FASTER HEALING ! The use of music in therapy for the brain has evolved rapidly as brain-imaging techniques have revealed the brain’s plasticity—its ability to change—and have identified networks that music activates. Armed with this growing knowledge, doctors and researchers are employing music to retrain the injured brain. Studies by the authors and other researchers have revealed that because music and motor control share circuits, music can improve movement in patients who have suffered a stroke or who have Parkinson’s disease. Research has shown that neurologic music therapy can also help patients with language or cognitive difficulties, and the authors suggest that these techniques should become part of rehabilitative care. NO CLAIMS MADE REGARDING SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE OF THESE SOUNDS FOR PHYSICAL HEALING. BUT IT HAS HELPED THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE COPE WITH VARIOUS BRAIN/MIND ILLNESSES. Take your meditation to the next level with 100% original certified Rudraksh Mala 108 beads. Considered to be a gift of Shiva, Rudraksh Mala has amazing physical and spiritual benefits. Each Dhyaan-mala is personally energized by DhyaanGuru. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ARE YOU READY FOR TRANSFORMATION OF YOUR LIFE ? LOOK NO FURTHER ! DHYAANGURU is a Humanitarian, Philanthropist, Mentor, Motivator, Doctor and a Spiritual Guide who has helped thousands over the years with Lectures and workshops on Self-Development, Meditation and Mantras. The healing mantras by Dhyaanguru are not just to provide spiritual benefits, but also to manifest in psycho-physiological healing. They work at the core level of the human system, DNA. The vibrations and frequencies of these powerful mantras have shown tremendous healing properties. Thousands of people have shared their success stories on Youtube. Let us join together to heal our Mind, Body and Soul with Dhyaanguru ! LEARN ABOUT DHYAANGURU DR. NIPUN AGGARWAL,MD : FOLLOW THE LINKS BELOW TO CONNECT WITH DHYAANGURU : YOUR GUIDE TO SPIRITUAL HEALING ! WEBSITE : FACEBOOK : YOUTUBE : LINKED-IN : PINTEREST : TWITTER : DHYAANGURU CHARITY: SPEAKER: DHYAANGURU DR. NIPUN AGGARWAL, MD, MBA, MHT ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MANTRAS : COMPLETE COLLECTION OF MANTRAS : BUY THIS TRACK ON ITUNES : LINKS TO DOWNLOAD MANTRAS : CDBVABY: ITUNES: Email: Warning : please do not use this while driving or operating heavy machinery as this is very deep and takes you in a Trance state fast !
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Demon Smith
Pray for me and my family for healthy life.
1 like gives us 1 pray,god bless you all
b duddy
Want to thank all who wished me and my mother success from this video well the success was temporary I finally lost my mother at the age of 96 she had a very severe stroke and although this healing video did help my mother to a degree but she was far gone and she is in a much better place now. thank you all, this video is still a gem, you should use it whenever you can. I will continue with it.

Much thanks to everyone

b duddy
My mother of 96 suffered a stroke of July 4th of this year. It has caused her to not swallow very well and her talk is limited, I just now have used my beats audio headset and started to play this for her and soon after her eyes got wider with delight and was moving her fingers while listening to this. I will continue to let her listen and will give more updates as she improves
Jay Spavold
Pray for me to help with debilitating anxiety and depression which has ruled my life for nearly 40 years. Each like equals one healing prayer. Thank you
Light and Dark
here you go brain...a treat for you..dont let me down tomorrow...
Muhammad Baqir
Dont know why but i am continuously failing in my life.
Whoever is reading pls pray for my life:'(
Plz pray for me 😷😷😷 😢😢😢 🙏🙏🙏🙏👼👼👼👼
Bidayah Jennifer Lopez-Bustillos
I play this everyday by the side of hospital bed since my brother fell in coma
Rev. Robert Alonso Sosa, Ph.D.
I am a Neuroscientist, and I will recommend to play these sounds to patients that suffer from anxiety to tinnitus! It really calms one down!!
Eza Breeza
This made me stop giving my precious thoughts to people who aggravate me and wasting my time thinking about the past.
Dasari Indraja
Pray for my mom who is not sleeping at all and got mental illness due to restless ness
edilberto trinidad
I'm a stroke person for 7 yrs. Now my left side of my body is paralised pls. Pray for me i miss my 2 daughter and my girlfriend, thank you lord.
Yasin Khan
Thank you buddy so much........... Now i am fully recovered from mental illnesses..... I have headache for long time. I cant Concerted on my work now after hearing this my brain become 10 times faster and sharp also my pain is gone. Now i can memorize everything properly. Thank you so much you just saved my life. 😊
Who are relaxing during listening these tones..God bless you..
blade master
Please pray for me .. I need help to get work and look after my kids .. thnx ☺️
Mushroom Flow
Thanks, now I can recover my lost brain cells
Anurag Pandey
Hey !
Plz stop scrolling comments , focus on ur work what u r going to do ................#be_concentrate
Rex Spencer
I dozed off while listening to this and dreamt I was a pinball machine.........
Daniel Dow
I was diagnosed with Chronic PTSD form direct combat while serving in the Marine Corps 8 years ago.. I started my awakening a year and a half ago... I was living with my mother and self medicating with opiates, cocaine and alcohol.. My life was moment to moment in a self induced state of mental illness I cannot even begin to describe...

After attempting to end it all, I started looking for help and after countless hours and months of research, I DECIDED to begin my journey of self realization and self creation. I fully faked it, telling myself I was living my dreams..

Until one day, I no longer faked it and truly became happy. My thought patterns changed, I stopped living in a world 7.5 billion individuals and lived simply presently in my world and understand that it is all one.... I now live on the beach literally. I meditate, perform affirmations, listen to all the mantra, positive music, EMDR, and am now starting Psych K programming.. I Live completely in the present and have a life of Joyfulness, Peace and Love!!!!!!!!!

If ANYONE is looking for answers and finds themselves listening to this video while reading this post, KNOW YOU WERE SEARCHING for exactly what you WANTED TO FIND... PEACE , LOVE, HAPPINESS AND JOY TO ALL
Dreads And Angels
This music literally killed all the stress I was in. Man this is powerful
Tina Hampton
For All Having Nerve Issues:
Copy and place by side bed, or under pillow.
Say repeatedly ten minutes before going to sleep every night.

But there is a Spirit in man, and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding. - Job 32: 8
The Almighty Power is within me now surrounded by the sacred circle of God’s eternal love. God’s
river of peace flows through me. God’s love fills my soul. My mind is filled with peace, poise, balance,
and equilibrium. I am divinely guided in all my ways. My faith and confidence is God and all things good.
I live with the joyous expectation of the best. Whenever fear and worry enter my mind, I will immediately
affirm, “ I exalt God in the midst of me,”...for God has not given me the spirit of fear, but of love, power, and
a sound mind.-2 Timothy 1:7

God bless you.

I came here because there were many problems I had to deal with these days. Negative thoughts had me feeling like I just want to end everything. I feel better after listening to this and I hope that good feeling lasts for a while. Thank you!
Genny Turgeon
While listening, I hear the music in my head, not through my ears. It's beautiful! Does anyone else experience it this way?
Rajbahor Tiwari
Putted on my headset.
Closed my eyes.
Burst out crying.

Oh god this is super magical.
Just listened this for 10 mins. and found myself as a energectic and a cofident person.

Parthiv Chandra K
This is immensely beneficial. Highly recommended for those who are struggling with brain fog.😇😇