GIANT NERF SuperMegaStrike Blaster! (but does this BIGGEST NERF actually work??)|Resident Movies

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Roman and Max are building giant Nerf blaster from their arsenal of Nerf guns and accessories. This turns out to be the biggest Nerf they ever built (so far). This SuperMegaStrike Nerf is made of 2x Nerf Infinus + 2x Nerf Modulus ESC-10 + 2x Nerf Rapidstrikes + 2x Zombie Strike Crossbow + 2x Nerf rocket launchers and lots of cool Nerf accessories. After they build their giant Nerf, they are going to test it in action. But does SuperMegaStrike Nerf actually work? #nerf #kids #toys YOU are AWESOME! you finally found our channel. Welcome to RM Bros !!! where Roman and Max have lots of fun in Nerf battles, fun challenges and games. Like our videos? Be sure to SUBSCRIBE for more videos from RM Bros. See you !!! We have lots of fun videos for you to watch: ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Don't Grab WRONG Mystery NERF Present !!! NERF Sneaky Ambush FAILED (or did it?) GIANT NERF Fort vs Sneaky Brother NERF WAR: Bunker Battle Royale! Ultimate NERF Battle Forts from BLASTER BOARDS vs Nerf Arsenal Nerf Blaster Arsenal Unboxing TROUBLE NERF SNEAK ATTACK GONE WRONG | My sneaky brother BROKE my GIANT NERF gun! NERF GUN GAME: ALIEN INVASION meets NERF | Extraterrestrial Creature Nerf Battle NERF WAR: THE CHEATER Sneak Attack! My sneaky brother stole my GIANT NERF gun! NERF WAR: Creeper INVASION Gun Game! NERF vs Minecraft in Real Life NERF Zombie Strike Squad | ATTACK ZOMBIE FORTRESS challenge NERF Gun Game: The MYSTERY Box of Nerf NERF Trick or Treat Battle! Catch Candy Game with Nerf Blasters
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