GetUp’s behaviour to ‘discourage good people’ from politics|Resident Movies

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Liberal MP Nicolle Flint says GetUp’s behaviour towards her will “discourage good people” who want to make a difference from going into politics.
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Wili Wds
Get Up and Antifa are the same disgusting people
Shaz Dave
I love Peter Dutton. Get rid of Getup and Antifa
GetUp is funded by George Soros. Let that sink in
stenka rasin
Get up are just fascists by a different name.
Honk Honkler
Meanwhile the media will lead you to believe there are right wing death squads roaming the streets.
just a thought
It started in the disrespect by the media and has spiralled since then , most media aren't trained cadets in media they come straight out of a socialist university so their training is at best anti capitalist to begin with . The gloves are off and low level tactics are the new game . The media are the lowest of the low and promote anti social behaviour .
graham orr
Getup is just the mask of civility for the more hardcore leftist organisations like Antifa. Extrapolate the effect of Antifa in a city and you get Portland, Oregon, USA.
Nicolle Flint is a champion too strong for the cowardly marxist collectives.
Chris Wright
Good on you Nicole. People do respond to the likes of getup behavior, whatever they support, people vote opposite. Losers.
Wyatt Family
GetUp got beatdown, and deservedly so. They follow the old Churchill mantra, "Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." The methods used against Nicole Flint were disgusting, unaustralian and to their detriment, which resulted in people turning against their idiotic lobbying, in droves.
George Soros is running GetUp. George Soros is THE MOST DANGEROUS PERSON ON THE PLANET!
Merv Stent
Remember they torched Pauline Hanson’s Campaign Car
Baby Dog Of Justice
Get Up / Antifa are the brown shirts protected by the mainstream media.
im lost
ANTIFA with nice clothing GetUp people
Jerry Roo
A vote for labour is a vote for the greenie and getUp
Adrian A
The left is so inclusive .... except if you disagree on anything with them. Lol.
The left respects women .... except if they dare think out of their box .
Ron Colwell
Getup, Unions, labour, Greens all cowards with the same cause, thugs and bullies will never change while we have weak politicians!!
Mike Corn
Get Up are the modern day brown shirts.
The Greens and Labor hate Australia and want to destroy it.
The left run on "beliefs", not facts. Uninformed beliefs. They are the fascists.
Charles Henley
It appears the religion of Climate change has many in Australia predicting doomsday and the demise of all life on the planet as well. These climate change zombies are a dangerous lot. It really is a doomsday cult. People have wagered their careers and lives on it. Just shut up already.
Trish Mac
If you can’t be bought.... we can’t use you.
We in Australia are learning all about the nefarious tactics of Getup from Antifa.
Roysta D
Get. Up are a foreign funded criminal organisation and should be shut down, it's up to everyone to take these low life's down it's coming for them very soon we know who you are.
Mr Sausage
Go Nicolle and Georgina! SA's very own contribution to the future sanity of this country.
dingle dooley
I'm really enjoying Australian sky news, UK sky news is pretty left and spineless.
This guy sounds like he's chewing wasps.
Speckled Jim
It seems Communism is on the rise around the world. Prepare yourselves accordingly.