Pokemon Sword & Shield: 10 Galar Forms I Want|Resident Movies

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Remo Raid
I need a Ice/Flying Snowy Owl Hoothoot. That is one of the only forms I want and I could actually see happening.
River Stevenson
I would like a ghost/water lapras that looks like the Loch Ness monster

Edit:thanks for all the replies 😸😸😸
I just saw now that there will be a galarian weezing, but it will be poison/fairy type
Alex Dahl
I feel as though an ice-type Snorlax that looks like a snowman would be pretty cool
Peter Chhan
CONGRATULATIONS ON THE NEW WEEZING CALL! Albeit it wasn't the same type you were predicting but a new form nonetheless!
Leonardo demartino
"What would happen if Wheezing found itself in an environment where it didn't have access to those toxic poisonous gases because the air was extremely clean."

Me: It would die
Pirate Matty
MandJTV: "Like a big, buff, beefy fighting type or something.
Machamp: Am I a joke to you?
Crobat: Looks like Masquerain
JTV: "Some of you will recognize this"
Me: "well no sh-
JTV: "-from a concept that i designed"
Me: "...wat?"
Brandon Bateson
I’d prefer snorlax to gain fighting type and just get muscled out and modeled after rugby
The Donphan one also makes sense because India was heavily colonized by England.
Well you got what you wanted. Galarian Weezing CONFIRMED!!!! Will be a Poison / Fairy type.
Annakaye Mclean
Plz make more rap battles, I love the two you already did,
Maybe we could see
Charizard vs Incineroar
Alain vs Ash
Cody The Crocodile
Aegislash could actually could get a change or something special since this is afterall sword and shield.why?because aegislash has two forms, sword form and shield form so makes sense...right?
Mon trainer ash D
I’m working on designing a new Pokémon fan game, and I was wondering if I could use the donphan idea for my region. I would give credit to you and design a new drawing.
Galish Noivern and Noibat
Type: Dark poison or dark fairy
Based of plague doctors and king aurthor
Mark Renton
Always imagined koffing and voltorb mixing up somehow producing a koffing poison electric, keeping levitate ability
I wish Gigalith did get a Galar Form. I have a Shiny Boldore.
Ink putasso
I wish that gamefreak just do a Galarian Haxorus,with Dragon and Steel type
Christopher Hall
I want to see a Galarian Seedot line, ursaring line, stantler and timbur line
pineapple kid
u know what pokemon rlly need more popularity Starmie and KINGLER
The Ghost-type Arcanine also makes sense because it's called the Legendary Pokemon and it would be a perfect fit for the Hound of the Baskervilles in Sherlock Holmes
lil money
Galarian weezing: I'm doug dimmadome, owner of dimsdale dimmadome.
Michael called it there is a new regional wheezing It is a poison fairy type
Simon Hansen
I want a galarian form for Luxray damnit he needs some love turn him into a dark type or something