Is The LOL Surprise Glamper Worth $150?|Resident Movies

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So um, I saw this thing in a store the other day and I thought people might be interested in seeing it opened. I dunno though, do you really, really, really want to see me open another MASSIVE LOL Surprise Playset? Well I guess you could just watch the video and find out for yourself... ★ Subscribe: ★ Twitter: ★ Instagram: Check out some of our other LOL Surprise! videos: What Are LOL Thinking?! - LOL OMG Series 1: Do LOL Doll Finding Hacks Really Work? - LOL Surprise Boys: Is The LOL DIY Glitter Factory A Waste Of Money?: What A WASTE! - LOL Bubbly Surprise:
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I'm not a big toy person. I'm not interested in any of the products you review. Yet I keep coming back and watching, because I'm fascinated by how succinct and effective your descriptions of the products are. You talk smoothly, as if from a rehearsed script, and yet the monologue seems improvised. You explain the colours, textures, shapes, and relative locations of things in and on the products with an incredible efficiency, not loosing the flow of the review or getting bogged down with flowery words yet still managing to give accurate mental images of the toys. Your tempo is peppy without being too fast, your tone is informative and comforting without being condescending, and you sound like you're genuinely enjoying discovering things about the product as you go. I have never seen a show of any kind with such polished communication of physical attributes. I'v read books before that were enjoyable to read because of how well they were worded, but this is the first time I've had that feeling listening to some one *talk*. They should put you on the home shopping network, talking about the products for those who have visual difficulties. You don't seem to need the visual aspect of your videos at all to give an accurate depiction of what you're reviewing.

You are a joy to listen to, and I just wanted to say so because of how much your descriptive prowess has struck me. Thank you.
"Reccomended for ages 5-8."

Me, a 13-year-old: Imma just.... *hides away in room with dolls* Yeahhhh...
Cherish Ackerman
I have a friend who is a single dad to a 5 year old, and he has no clue about children’s toys in general. Since watching your videos I am able to help him make informed decision on the toys he buys for his daughter, plus get ideas of what to get her for holidays.
Also, I get a good laugh watching you roast children’s toys. So it’s a win win situation for me.
Girafarig's Butt
what is the point of blind bags if theyre just gonna tell you whats in it. just a waste of plastic tbh
Ashleigh Gordon
Toys used to be such high quality :( I remember my old barbie camper that had so much detail and things to do. Now its all cheap plastic and stickers :(
The Barbie cruise ship was 10 times better and sooo much cheaper
katie cook
the doll must now have brain damage from hitting her head on the pool so much
ages 5-8 but its so expensive

i dont know whos parents would buy them this
The stand for the runway is a cat because it's a .... catwalk.

get it? eh, eh??
Shayy Dotcomm
New game show

snazzy intro music
Amber-Lei Curtis
“Now we just gotta turn around, fix the lights, sound the horn..”

”and fix the kid.”
Darcy Jane
That would be so fun to paint all the molds on the walls to customize!
Fun Cupcake i81
9:34 wait so the LOLs have their own LOLs?!

If I could change anything, it would be that it would come with a glamping outfit for both sized dolls, as well as the exclusive character.
Kirmat DaFrag
I don't even like these kind of videos and yet iv'e been binging on your videos and i'm subbed, most likely because i like... your style? So keep up your style
Emily Marie Yerkes
I love how Jen is so descriptive for people with vision impairments!
Dree Bee
I would say the Glamper is worth $150. A.) it's huge. B.) there's many surprise packs. C.) it has lights, and sounds. D.) it has many detachable doors and floors as well as secret compartments. E.) even the wall has plastic pictures carved into it. Many intricate details that would take a longer time to work, (machine or by hand) is very difficult. F.) also goes hand-in-hand with supply and demand. LOL and OMGs are some of the most popular toys right now and kids LOVE them. Even if they are over priced, there are some kids that will buy and/or have it bought for them anyway. "Why is it so much?" Because companies know that someone will pay it.
I'm 22, leaving a review from watching a review. I was a Polly Pocket kid, and had many Pollies, as well as any playset that came out. Not all, but many. The idea of being a kid and enjoying time away from the world to play by oneself or with a friend, with dolls, is sort of therapeutic especially when your dolls have a Camper, a house, or a Rockin' Roller Coaster if their very own. It's almost as if your dolls, with their specific names, style, and personality, is your very own friend.
It's important for kids to be kids and play with such that encourages imagination, helps with creativity and wittiness for the future.
mj belanger
I wish they would have painted or given stickers for all the engraved pieces like shower area otherwise it’s just one colour
Yep. If I did that ALL those stickers would be lumpy and crooked.
Oscar the Grouch
Yes, it is really expensive, but, for an LOL playset, the quality is impeccable. Also, if your kid really wanted this set (and had a sense of money), it could be both their birthday and Christmas present, since there is a vast amount of playability, and that would be like cutting the price in half (that's what I would do anyway). (I don't know if that sounds like a weird thing to do; it is just something we do in our family when we want something expensive.)
$150? I mean it’s super cute and looks really fun but $150? I think I’ll stick with my humble homemade shoebox dollhouse 🤣
Love you Jen! 🐝💖
Happy Ball-ROBLOX and more
WAY too over priced, but that's just how M.G.A. always is. It's okay, but, not quite worth THAT much.
Morgan Wilkinson
I love your descriptions because not only is it inclusive but i also like to watch youtube while drawing and i can still know what’s going on! ♥️
That lol doll is probably heavily concussed xD
I always forget you're Canadian until you say sorry.

Not trying to be racist, just ---


I love how you say it