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Boris Johnson has said "his job is to serve the people" as he becomes the UK's new prime minister. Speaking outside Downing Street after accepting The Queen's invitation to form a government, he said he wanted to "change the country for the better". He said the UK would leave the EU on 31 October "no ifs, no buts", adding: "The buck stops with me." Mr Johnson took over after Theresa May handed in her resignation to the Queen a short time ago. The new PM will then begin putting together his cabinet - a number of Mrs May's senior ministers have already resigned, having said they could not serve under him. As she relinquished power after three years, Mrs May said being prime minister had been "the greatest honour" and wished her successor well. Please subscribe HERE
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ambitious isnt he?
if he pulls off even half of that I'll be thoroughly impressed
Wishing the new Prime Minister and everyone in the UK the absolute best.
Barnaby Brown
You got to give it to the man, he knows how to write a speech that brings much needed optimism for the UK.
Best wishes from the U.S. 🇬🇧🇺🇸
Gifmania Mr Gif
Best wishes from Germany 🇬🇧🇩🇪.
May you get back your freedom and the Land!
I'm sure his opponents will do all they can to bring him down but what a refreshing change to hear a PM talking up Britain. Well done Boris.
Frank Medina
To my British brothers and sisters, America wishes you nothing but the best and most prosperous future. Lots of love from across the pond.
Here's a list of everything he said he'll do, so you can copy paste it or send it to people or whatever it is you want to do with it.

He won't be accepting border checks in Northern Ireland post-Brexit
He will be putting 20,000 more police on the street
He will be upgrading 20 hospitals and reassessing the money to ensure it's reaching the hospitals
He will be putting forward a plan to revive and fix social care for the whole country
He will be increasing per pupil funding in primary and secondary schools to tackle the money shortages
He will be improving road and rail infrastructure around rural communities
He will be introducing full fibre broadband across the entire country
He will be introducing a higher living wage
He will be ensuring the 3.2million EU nationals living in the UK will have the right to stay in the UK post-brexit
He will be supporting Free Ports around the country
He will be assisting the biosciences to assist in producing resistant crops to sell to the world
He will be pursuing getting our own satellite systems in space
He will be changing taxes to encourage investment in research and capital
He will be protecting the welfare of animals in the UK
He will be pursuing free trade deals with other countries

All of this will be starting today.
Hmmm October the 31st no matter what ... sounds like No Deal to me
Not his greatest fan if im honest but great speech , lets hope he sticks to it and leads and inspires this country where others have failed these last few years .
That speech was better than anything Theresa did in 3 years.
Oscar Birch
Really do hope he delivers what he promises
This guy Boris in UK , Donald Trump in USA and Andrew Scheer in Canada will be great times ahead....
Unfortunately Not Told The Truth
Absolutely outstanding speech!!!
Made me proud to be British, And someone actually standing up for this great nation of ours. 👍
I remember when NASA landed a probe on an asteroid for the first time after a 10 year effort. Instead of the MSM praising their great achievement, they ran stories about outrage over the project leader wearing a shirt with pictures of women on it. Borris stood up to this and said how it was PC crazy nonsense. I have supported him ever since, we need people like that who speak common sense in this insanity.
Nathaniel Raphael
Ambitious but go for it Boris! Achieve half of that and i’ll be happy.
I understand why many dislike him (myself included to an extent), but I think he's EXACTLY what we need. Optimism, spirit, can-do attitude. Indeed he made A LOT of promises here, but I have faith in him. I think we're just at the point now where we need to get behind our PM and root him on. It's the least we can do. So, as difficult a pill this may be to swallow:

Here's to our PM, and to all the luck he can get in the next 99 days! 🍷🇬🇧
Sandra Llewelyn
To be fair that was a superb speech, lets see if he can actually bring it about!
Little Ogeechee
Got to love this man’s enthusiasm...Great speech! Sending best wishes as a pure Anglophile from the USA...
Neil Laycock
We will fight them in the chippy, we will fight them in the pub, we will fight them in the assembly rooms, WE WILL NEVER SURRENDER!!!!🙄
rob squires
I thought he was a great london mayor. He gets stuck in. Completely different entity to anyone wise been prime minister before. Im looking forward to seeing what he does
That’s some speech Boris!
Wow, I felt a tinge Of hope and excitement at last!
Remoaners go home now, or get on board. C’mon let’s all pull together as Britain knows how.
Thumb Social
Please ignore those fascists making a noise in the background.
john gibbs
What a fantastic speech.. BORIS IS THE DUDE.. come on YOU BRITS.. ..WAKE UP.....
And BBC ...Have no doubt the day of reckoning is coming for you !!!