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These are the updates I want 1.15 Cave update 1.16 nether update 1.17 combat plus end update 1.18 sky update 1.19 adventure update 1.20 new dimensions
PaRappa the Rapper
The last idea is literally the Aether mod, but not having as much stuff in there. It would be awesome to see an Aether like dimension officially be in Minecraft.
Herpes Free Since 03
I hope we get the Aether, I've been waiting for 8 years to get it. Still miss watching Tobuscus play throughs of the Aether mod.
I would like a better Beach biome. One with palm trees and with a kind of pirate vibe. That might explain why there are hidden treasures around the world.
Boobalee Kozell
Why don’t people mention more boss mobs to keep the game fresh with objectives? More dragons would be pretty cool to
Slender games
Me land is dangerous ill stay in the water there are no mobs there

Mojang: not anymore!!

Me:then ill build a sky base its still safe their

Mojang: not anymore!!!

Me:jumps in the * GIVE UP HOLE*
Ephraïm Boateng
How about new NETHER biomes. The entire Dimension is only 1 biome. Even the end as 2 biomes (main island, far Island)
BronZTyge r
Sakura log/wood(cherry blossom 2x2 saplings)and. Cherry blossom flowers vines and wood/log #stealtharmy
Have a great weekend everyone! thanks for watching :)
Elijah Cox
Biome update is what Minecraft really needs more than anything
Super meme
My two favorite that should be added are the sky dimension and the magic forest
Battleship Warspite2001
I hope we get new animal for 1.15 if something relation fly
I hope we get brid family like
Bald eagle or falcon, Phoenix, crow, raven, pigeon,
M Anime
I would like to suggest a Hostile Mob in the Sky Land called a "Sky Dragger" which looks like a bit of a Dragon or Bird with Huge Fangs or Talons that has a rare chance to drag you upward then drop you into the abyss... Which would make the Dimension more Challenging
Jackson Lampin
I hope magic staffs come and brooms and wizards
Theo Kings
#StealthArmy sounds like its going to be epic
Legend 117
I would love to have Scythes like a dimension where its dark and dead related
Ali Jirr
Nice video keep going hope it be real
I would like to see more magic elements in minecraft like staffs plus I feel like it would open up so much more for minecraft we also need a nether update (:
ANdReW kkhhlljj
Yo I heard about the heaven portal when creepers were still getting dropped off from spaceships. They FINALLY are doing it.
Lil Mablo
What about a fantasy realm with elves, dragons, dwarves, hobbits, orges and so on like if u agree
kinto kinto
MC literally needs a biome overhaul tbh
Galactic blu
Screenshot is of the aether mod and has nothing to do with updates
Here are my update ideas:
-Combat update + nether update (like 1.19 was combat + end). Mojang could add a new blaze boss (which we saw at minecon) that drops a special weapon when killed.
-Cave update. More ores, building blocks, structures.
-Technical update. Performance and world generation improvements + better data packs that allow for new blocks to be added.
-Biome update. New biomes, like the ones in the video.
Furious Legendary
Updates I want up to 2.3
1.15:New biome
1.16:New portal to other dimensions and updated nether and end
1.17 combat update 2.0 new emerald armour ect..
1.18:Different monuments and upgrading old ones
1.19:New bosses and weather
2.0:Super update new biome putting the height limit to atleast 500 blocks making boring mountains look realistic mine craft world transformation (update will include 2.1 because it will be super large.and will include cave update
2.2:New weapons and enchantments 2.0
2.3:Weather update volcanoes tornadoes hurricanes can spawn randomly
It would be nice to have palm trees growing on Savannah jungle and desert beaches. As well as bald cypress trees within the swamp biome. As for new biomes, I would really like mangrove biome, Marsh biome, Also they should add a seasonal change feature native to woodland dark forest, birch forest, plains and taiga biomes