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Internet Analysis: Family Vloggers Pt. 2. Let's talk about privacy - or the lack thereof- in daily vlogging. Are parents exploiting their children for views and money? Time stamps below! #internetanalysis #familyvlogging #familyvloggers family vlogger parents 2:13 parents open themselves up to being judged on their parenting 2:28 the appeal of family vlogging… working from home, being with your family more often, etc - 3:03 vlogging puts stress on relationships 3:48 DaddyOFive / bad family vlogs 4:48 the privacy and safety of children on youtube 6:00 the threat of creeps. is it naive to assume your audience is watching without bad intent? 8:00 vloggers monetize their life and relationships / the pressure to film constantly 10:58 if your kids didn’t want to vlog anymore, would you stop? 13:35 would your channel be successful without the kids? 14:41 children bearing financial responsibility /relying on them to make money 15:49 are these kids like child actors? 16:08 Philip DeFranco video on DaddyOFive “ WOW... We Need To Talk About This…” - “Why YouTube mums are taking their kids offline” - The Dark Side of YouTube Family Vlogging (doll collection) - Karlee Holden, WHY I HID MY KIDS | Family Vlogging Again? - _____________________________________ WATCH MORE: Family Vloggers are Ridiculous - Mental Health on YouTube - Subscribe to my vlog channel! My podcast, Previously Gifted: Available on most major podcast apps! (itunes, soundcloud, etc) ♥ instagram: ♥ twitter: ♥ Sign up for my fav travel site, Airbnb, for a $40 credit!* Hello my dudes! My name is Tiffany Ferguson. I’m a 23 year old sharing my thoughts and life experiences. I'm from Orange County, California, currently living on Long Island, New York! Here on Tiffanyferg, I make sit down videos on various topics from college to traveling, study abroad, advice, and more, plus comedy videos. I also have a vlog channel where I’m a bit more casual and chatty. Business Inquiries: FTC: This video is not sponsored. Links with * are affiliate, meaning I am compensated monetarily if you join or make a purchase.
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Hey Heidi
I make lifestyle videos (Cleaning Motivation, routines, hauls, etc) but have chosen not to show my child on camera despite many others in my niche doing so. One of my first videos was on cloth diapering and a man commented asking if I could demonstrate diaper changes in a video and that he was disappointed that I didn't have my baby in the video. That solidified my decision and I haven't looked back.
Michelle Callahan
Demonetization of all family vlogs featuring kids under 13 would change a lot of crap.
Eddie Pollau
The only YouTube family vlog I watch is Jenna Marbles and her dogs
12 A
You should talk about the “teen girl” side of family vlogging. Once there girls get older they immediately start talking about them going through puberty which I understand can be very helpful to other girls watching, but as 14 year old I would never in a million years want to go shopping for period supplies and have my mom film it for millions of people to see and then go to school the next day. I just can’t imagine that all these other girls actually want to be talking about it either
As a Developmental Psychologist, thank you so much for bringing awareness to this issue. Most people don’t realize this but there will be studies about the negative effects of daily vlogging children who don’t know any better and who can’t give consent. Asking a 5 year old child if he/she wants to be on camera is useless. A child can’t give informed consent, period! We need specific laws for this. Nothing will change until it is regulated. Easy money will always speak louder: just point the camera at the cute kid and clickbait the shit out of the kid getting hurt, having a bad grade, getting sick, fighting with a friend or having a crush. That way, mommy and daddy can quit their jobs and do this every single day. Cut to some of the kids feeling so obviously awkward and pressured by the parents to be on camera and others constantly trying to outshine their siblings and amping up the drama because the parents encourage it and reward it. More than copyright regulations, YouTube needs to do something about this. Why are we waiting 10 or 15 years to see the obvious negative effects of exploiting a child’s privacy, family structure, childhood and sense of self?
Or putting them in danger, giving predators endless footage and their location every day?
Thank you, Tiffany!
We have so many former child actors/celebrities who talk about how profoundly it affected their lives, and I'm sure we'll see the same thing happen with many of these family vlogger children. No matter how innocent and wholesome a family's intentions are, no matter how much the children might enjoy these lifestyles even, it's undeniable that being exposed to an audience of hundreds of thousands or even millions would have a significant impact on anyone's life, let alone a small child. It's a lot.
Samantha Scarcella
This reminds me of Texan in Tokyo. They were a blogging couple in Japan that vlogged about their lives in Japan, the wife was American and the husband Japanese etc. But one day they uploaded a video saying they were quitting YouTube and their reasoning behind it had a lot to do with wanting to someday start a family and they were VERY anti family vlogging. They were very against putting children in videos. This was a few years ago before family vlogging was just starting I believe.
Also- this Instagram mom posted a picture of her kid with a long rant about how he always gets less likes than her other kids which makes her sad but it was so strange and like ????? She basically said her kid should feel insecure because he wasn’t getting likes ...... I don’t know. Weird shit.
esto pesto
I always wonder how influencer families explain internet safety to their kids
I would argue that these kids aren't even really free to say that they don't want to be filmed, because when you're a kid you see your parents as perfect people who can do no wrong. You trust them completely, and you don't want to disappoint them. The DaddyOFive clip where they ask their kids "Do you think we've been abusing you?" is a perfect example of this, because the kids heavily rely (or relied) on their parents to provide for them and they still love and trust their parents, so they aren't really in a position where they can say "Yes, you're abusive." Not to mention, they would be risking even worse abuse if they spoke up, especially if they had the guts to say it on camera. Unfortunately in those situations, it's really up to the viewers and YouTube to step in and put an end to it.
Perth Fanny
I freaked out when I watched the Ace Family. The little girl (Elle) seems to be very reluctant to make videos 🤐🤐🤐 Like who would like her dad to record and share when she goes to the dentist or meet her sister for the first time???? They are going to steal her childhood.  I feel like they manipulate her emotions. One day Elle and the mom were going to surprise, the dad taking him to a basketball game. Elle got super hyped. Right before leaving, they told her: "why are you so excited? You are not going. You are staying with Nanny". She is also sexualized. "Reading my daughter's DMs". He actually said at the beginning that he doesnt want boys around, that she wont have FB, Twitter, Instagram (which she already has... but for his profit), that he doesn't want her daughter to be tagged as a WCW. Scary shit. He sexualizes her by pretending there is some kind of implicit DMs (which should actually worry him). But he was playing with that. "Someone asks how much She charges for a hmmm hmmm?" Did you just say that about your daughter????👊👊👊 She is 2... She shouldn't have to worry about boys or the way she looks. She is still a baby but it sure will become worse as she grows old. She is going to act her life 😓 instead of living it. How is she going to be a balanced adult?
Just imagine being an adult and knowing that your friends and coworkers can access videos of every single day of your childhood online, this just seems so bizarre!
This makes me wonder who is going to have the rights to those videos once the kids grow up? I can imagine this is going to lead to a lot of disputes between parents and kids, with the kids wanting the videos to be taken down because of privacy and the parents wanting to keep them up because they make money. The future sure is going to be interesting!
Kristina Santana-Viera
What scares me about the privacy issues surrounding family vlogging is how much of their children's lives are public record. Their daily schedule, where they like to play, their interests, who they spend time with, so much information that a predator with little work, can know the exact location of these kids. I think about the number of strangers, who if they really wanted to, could do a minimal amount of research and kidnap these children. Sure, their parents may not overtly say which school they go to or mention their neighborhood title, but maybe they mention which city they live by or the name of a town nearby. These predators can know which parks these parents frequent, which Starbucks they go to every day, can memorize their entire daily routine, to eventually find the perfect time to snatch their child up. THAT scares the shit out of me.
I inwardly cringe whenever I find out a family vlogger parent has quit their job to focus on YouTube.
Abigail Olds
The pedophile stuff freaked me out. Never thought about that before but it totally makes sense
grace davidson
so happy you’ve been talking about this!! my parents were avid about getting home videos of my sister and i growing up but i cannot imagine if they posted them to a following of people. it makes me so uncomfy! especially after i recently saw the ace family made an instagram for their daughter literally the second she was born, these kids are so young that they have no control over this stuff and it feels exploitive.
Peanut W
I was so disgusted when one family, The Johnson Fam, filmed their dying grandfather. The poor old man was basically unconscious, and they felt it was cool to expose him to a bunch of strangers.
Never watched them again, but sure enough, later saw them using a miscarriage as a thumbnail. Beyond disgusting. And I don't believe it is to "help" others. It is for views and views are for dollars.
its kay
I saw a video of a family vlogger making their daughters do swimsuit try on hauls, which is just ... odd. There’s no need for that to be online
It’s almost like the Truman show- not only in that they are exploited by being recorded pretty much constantly without their consent/awareness of the situation but also the way in which their life and situations are manipulated by the parents and capitalised for revenue... and we all know how Truman turned out. I suspect many will have difficulties as an adult (especially those that are sexualised for money) and most likely a tumultuous relationship with their parents. :/
Luke Alexander
im so glad u made this video, family vloggers make me so uncomfortable and i think its so unhealthy
I think a documentary on this would be worthwhile!!! One family, especially the mother in the Stauffer Life make me cringe! They adopted a boy from China that their viewers paid for, then 6 months later bought a mansion! They use him as an object and you can see they only adopted him for more views. They treat him different than their 3 biological kids too! She's pregnant again and mentioned in a vlog not too long ago how their views skyrocketed w/ her last pregnancy!! These people are money hungry and completely narcasistic, sociopathic, they delete every comment I make and so many others because it hurts their image!
BlackMarket DIY
No one creeps me out like Cole & Sav. They pretend to be religious as some weird righteous thing... meanwhile literally the FIRST TIME I went to their channel I noticed the videos of Everleigh (who’s about 4-5 remember) holding up her leg in a “heel stretch” that say, “Everleigh Dancing!” have literally MILLIONS more views. So then I kept looking and I see videos like, “Where did she learn to dance LIKE THIS?!” with thumbnails of Cole feigning anger and Everleigh in a “twerking” position. SHE IS FOUR YEARS OLD. NOT 17. Do they truly think... what... more kids are clicking bc they’re into dance? NO. More pedophiles. I knew the second I saw it, so don’t tell me they don’t know. Hell, don’t tell me they aren’t downright baiting. They DO know bc, as I said, they put her in not-sexual, but sexual-to-a-perv, type situations all the time- like the weird “dating”, LOTS of dancing videos, Cole getting “mad” at her for “flirting with” (see also: talking to) boys, and even weird videos where she gets hurt (apparently pedos are super into that too bc those vids get way more views) and they show closeups of her crying. It’s downright creepy. Those two literally send a shiver down my spine. And then hiding behind God? BULLSHIT. Like, I honestly feel like, maybe not for Cole, but definitely Sav, the God thing is more so they can pretend to be stupid, like, “Oh, we see the good in people! We didn’t know pedophiles were looking at the videos of her twerking and lifting her legs over her head! We thought those got more hits bc she’s a talented dancer. We love Everleigh - so we thought others did too!” BULLSHIT. They’re adults. They know exactly what they’re doing.... and once Everleigh gets to be about 15-17, or whenever she becomes sexually mature herself, and therefore has the wherewithal to make the connection that she was knowingly sexually exploited by her parents, ...she will, and then she’ll go absolutely insane like 99.999% of female child/teen stars do when they realize this (Britney Spears, Amanda Bynes, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato.... I could honestly go on and on). Imagine your OWN PARENTS turning their head and pretending not to know pedophiles are j*rking off to videos of you dancing sexually at age literally like 4?! Such a shame for her.
Ya know something though..... That isn’t even what bothers me most about them. Maybe it’s what creeps me out most, but what bothers me the MOST though (and that’s saying something)- is their weird “we stayed virgins til marriage” plight. Ok- hear me out- I don’t care AT ALL if someone saves themselves. Good for them- not an easy thing to do and I respect them sticking to their morals. HOWEVER- They put up this weird.... almost judgmental.... video.... about how Cole was a Virgin, saving himself, when he and Sav met.... and so, BY DEFAULT, Sav didn’t have sex until they got married either. She’s really sitting there saying, “I’m not judging anyone who doesn’t do this”. BITCH YOU HAD A KID AT 19 WHILE UNMARRIED!!!!! Normally I’d think nothing of that- but think about how weird it is SHE’S saying that she’s not judging us for having sex before marriage. What?! Also, Cole met Sav, and they were engaged and FULLY MARRIED within 6mos. Soooo basically the first girl Cole met after turning 18, he held out as long as he could (6mos) and then married her. Again- not saying he shouldn’t be proud, he should. Him especially cause, regardless he got married at 19-20 to someone he knew for six months bc she made his privates tingle, he still didn’t have sex as a teen or after Hs etc and that’s saying something cause he’s a good-looking likable guy. I mean, it’s not like he COULDNT have slept w girls. I swear though that video was the first day I started REALLY getting creeped out by them. I was already creeped by the dancing Everleigh (w 2mil more hits and her doing a split in the thumbnail).... but then seeing Sav sit there and DEAD SERIOUSLY say she wasn’t judging us because she had enough sex to get knocked up- then refrained from sex for six mos bc she dated someone celibate- then promptly began having sex again. Six months is NOTHING for a girl lol- unless she literally has a sex addiction. Just watch the video… It’s honestly the creepiest thing when you keep in mind that she literally had sex and she was a teenager, had a baby before marriage, and only refrain from sex for six months… And she’s talking exactly like Cole, who, for religious purposes, didn’t have sex for his entire first 20 years, until he was married. And she’s not saying it in a, “Don’t worry- obviously I’m not one to judge lolz!” kind of way.... she’s saying it fully like, “I abstained and you should try it too! Don’t judge you if you don’t but ya miiiiiight be going to hell.” way. Truly one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen.
Azhray Harris
I love the video. I wish you'd spoken a little more about the thumbnails some of these family vloggers use. A few weeks ago OKbaby made a thumbnail of their three year old son peeing his pants. It made me furious! Not only did they include all of the footage of him being upset and ashamed of it, they made it the focal point of the vlog.
Wimsem - Tekenen & Knutselen
I would hate to feel forced all the time to film something
Alana Gorman
That’s what I love about Louise Pentland {SprinkleOfGlitter} she asks her daughter if she wants to be filmed she also asks her boyfriend and friend if they’re ok with being in the vlog or if she can film a certain thing. She knows people have boundaries and understands and respects