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d wilson
Toxic Trump.... he is like RUSSIAN atomic waste......nobody can be around it.....and will destroy and contaminate America and the World.
Anthony Slaga
Ahh he knows he’s just being a dic about it. The mans goal is to keep the country in chaos. To keep the democrats fractured and unable to nominate a candidate we all can agree on. There’s a method to his madness, this is a decades long end round by the republicans to get just what has been accomplished so far. They got what they want and donas getting what he wants money. Our party has to stop underestimating this racist lying ass. NANCY START THE IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS VOTE BLUE 2020.
Mary Larson
Trump can't blame the democrats for being a racist. He did that on his own! He needs to be the bigger person and stop spewing hate! Yeah, like that will ever happen!
Ian Fordyce
Let's hope and pray it's dementia that would make my year 🤞🤞🙏🙏😂🤣
Elizabeth Cook
Duck, duck. duck, goose. Anyone remember that elementary game? That's the level we're looking at here.
Valerie Texan
He has no need to he only care about one #1. So much for math he thought to learn it only took up space in his brainless head. He loves having plenty of room for the little girls he is fixated on.
Virginia Ryno
great state of north carolina? Heck great State of North Carolina home of the backwoods toothless hillbilly inbreds who only listen to pedophiles Limbaugh, Hannity, Jones, etc, and get their news as gospel from fox entertainment. Brainless
George Dunn
Yes, very odd. As we know, it's customary in INCREASE number of targets as the fracas continues, as with the continuing growth of a dead fish with each retelling of the epic catch.
Jean Engstrom
Amendment Twenty five for TRE45ON! 🖒😉
Round Robin
Our country has a tremendous need to rid itself of the virus known as Donald Trump.
kathy Turner
He never was there. He should buy a island with all the money he says he has but won’t show and invite all his red cap supporters to live there with him.🤣
Just Human
Where has he gone? He was never here! - Reality!
Quo Vadis
He lives in an imaginary world.
jocelyne delaney
He’s doing this to stop everyone from looking into the Epstein case and what a paedophile he is
Beverly Vinson
Trump has to pick on women . His mama must have been a tYrant !! .
His daddy a jerk rascists.
Trump cannot debate the issues with the presidential CANDIDATES..because he has no plan . And all he can do is deflect when he is ignorant about a policy or issues . So his transparency is showing loudly . And disgrace to all americans . A Batman tYrant who wants to scam our taxes more along with his family .
So trump will be his own worst enemy and DOWNFALL.
Chuck Johnson
Maybe he has to take off his shoes to count to two.
Evon Williams
He's really sick in the mine
Lisa Robertson
Trump will never be able to run the country!! He has diarrhea of the mouth and doesn't know when to shut it! He doesn't even deserve the title (President) and never will. He's toooo immature and incapable to run the country! He needs to go!!!
David Soliz
Your a racist the cat is out of bag
Alicia no
Trump can't keep his lies straight.
Phyllinda I Am
No 💩💩💩💩😳
Dania Martinez
Los peligros.sintomas,de un dictador. Eliminar la prensa.dividir al pais crear violencias dentro la masas.recortar o eliminar.progas de ayudas al pueblo.unirce a paise s dictatoriale para ir encontra de un enemigo creado por ellos.mantener el pueblo en constante temor.manipular las leyes constitucionales o eliminarlas.eliminar la liberta de esprecion violar los derechos cibiles y humanitarios. Todo eso yo lo vivi.en mi pais.
pops Roberts
Trump a waste of human flesh
Sherri Greeydelinarez
Every Mental Health Care Professional in the World recognizes Trump's Narcassist Personality disorder with boarder line Parnoid Schizophrenic and that with Senility & Corrupt ,Hate & Bigotry with unlimited Money and Loyalist , You have a Gift Orange Mushroom Monster!! Other Countries are quitlet , straticically preparing to take down this weapon of Mass destruction with an unlimited supply of Nukes down!
- segovia -
We have a stable genius that knows everthing about everything, in charge. The US government is screwed up bigtime. Hang on, world. We'll be rid of this idiot soon.