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Minority rule is a majority problem. Subscribe to our channel! Political systems depend on legitimacy. In America, that legitimacy is failing. In an earlier version of this video, we incorrectly reported the population of New York. The state's population in 2017 was 19.85 million people. Read more about how a compromise to unify our states is splitting our parties: is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out For more Ezra content check out the Ezra Klein Show Channel: Watch our full video catalog: Follow Vox on Facebook: Or Twitter:
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You have to have respect for Vox on their political videos because they leave the comment section on
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we need 6 parties, one of the parties is at my house
No national amendments have gotten through lately because you need two-thirds of both houses to agree on a bill - and that means only bipartisan bills will pass through to the state approval stage — good luck finding anything with two-thirds approval in this day and age
Face it America needs a multiparty Parliamentary System. With a cap of any corporate donations or any donation from rich wealthy people. One time donation cap. The rest will be publicly funded.
Strahinja Radenković
Don't kid yourselves. A nation with only two parties cannot be democratic.
How does this guy look both 26 and 56 years old at the same time?
Edgar C.
We need to get money out of politics.
Most of those ideas (especially ranked choice voting) are great.
Which is why nothing will change.
Evan Brown
1 guy for 700k is ludicrous. needs to be per 250k at least.
The Sweet Shop
"The founding father thought [political parties] were bad, or at least, they did before they started some." Living for factually correct shade.
Cooper Miller
Love this video! Only note: move the camera closer some Ezra can read the promoter without having to lean in.
General ist
U.S. must get Mitch McConnell out of the senate!!
John Chilton
From an outsider's point of view (an Australian) - surely the problem you folk have in initiating any meaningful reform is that the 'right' doesn't perceive any need to reform a system of government that is working well for them and theirs?
The idea that we trust current officials in office to upgrade our current government system is unreasonable for both sides now
I'm German and I think your biggest problem is first past the post. A proportional system on national level would lead to more parties and every single vote would count. Voting turnouts of 40% are actually not normal or okay in any western European state but I can understand people who dont vote in their 100% one party state or even district. If you worry about local representation getting lost, look at our German voting system. We have two votes, one for our local representative and one for the actual power division in parliament. Half of the seats are elected directly by the districts via the 1st vote, the other half is filled to match the 2nd vote's outcome as close as possible. So everyone is represented in parliament (except the minor parties below 5% to prevent fragmentation) and even Gerrymandering is obsolete. And please, get rid of the electoral college and allow run-offs for presidential election. Byebye two-party system and minority rule :)
Puerto Rico should be a state, but DC shouldn’t be.
The reason DC isn’t a state and is directly controlled by the federal government is the same reason the Vatican is an independent country; it’s done that way so no local authority can manipulate them.
Now, if you’d be willing to move the federal capitol and THEN make DC a state, then that’s a different story.
robert moore
Neither party wants to throw out the current system. They are too vested and masters at it.
Republicans have ZERO interest in any sort of compromise. They have proved that time and time again. Until they feel pain, they wont come to the bargaining table.
In order for the system to work there needs to be more, not less involvement. That means making it easier to vote. And again that's the opposite of what Republicans want. They want less democracy not more. Until they fundamentally change or are made irrelevant, the nation will continue to decline.
Dark Star
The political and legal system of the United States is rigged. Whole system is bought and sold daily.
MonKilo Gaming
To be honest he is right 🤣🤙🏾
Ranked choice voting is the most important change because winner takes all elections mathematically and inevitably lead to two parties. Ranked choice voting gets rid of the spoiler effect. Want more independents, libertarians, socialists, other third parties? Implement for ranked choice voting. You can truly vote for who you want, not against a party you hate.
Literally everyone in the US should watch this.
Kendall Fort
It can still work, if and only if we break away from partisanship. Im a strong conservative with many bridges to liberal ideologies. Open mindedness will win the day
Alice Grondin
I’m proud they keep the comment section open
Wait Whet
3:58 though Avenatti would say "then we go lower"😂