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This is why small children ask for candy. No candy for the monsters you say? Ooooh you gonna have a bad time. I love you guys. You have been so patient. I have been so patient. This took a lot of effort. I wanted every frame to work with the next one. I didn't rush this. I am SO proud of it. I really hope it brings you joy and happiness, even if it's a story about a monster harassing a small boy. Ask me anything about this project and I will try to ANSWER everything! Is the monster real? No one knows but the boy. 2700 handcrafted still pictures in 18 FPS, shot with a Canon EOS 600D. Animated with Dragonframe, and edited with Sony Vegas Pro. Super Sculpey and Cernit clay was mainly used. The house was built out of foam board and then painted with acrylic paint. Music made by Jonathan Chau. Sound effects recorded by me with a Blue Yeti microphone AND downloaded from freesound(dot)org. Some of the users I want to thank: dav0r cmorris035 owlstorm martian jarredgibb fillsoko aarongnp gumballrimpoche scaredcatpictures kbnevel freqman capslok qubodup fluffayfish sramse Magical.
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Maybe the kid fed an animal (in this case the shape shifting face monster) some candy and then it just kept coming back. At first I thought the kid eventually got scared of the monster, hence the footsteps running around the house, and he throws the candy at it to make it go away. But when he asks his mom for more candy, and I thought he then must like it coming back?

I can't tell if the kid likes the monster, or just wants it to go away.
The 47k dislikes are from parents that thought this was a children’s video
Sketch Onomadek
Damn. The dislikes is almost half the likes, that's outrageous. There really wasn't a need for that.
Markie H.
Someone is extremely good at sculpting.
Gabriella Williams
47K australians tried to like the video.
Michelle Ciceu
what's going on with the comments? almost every comment i see saying something about the amount of dislikes gets a ton of replies that are just utter nonsense. like some are just weird sentences in different languages, some are promoting other channels, and most are just random letters... this is seriously the first time that i've seen something like that happens, and it all seems recent, since there are comments from 5 months ago saying that there were only 27k dislikes, and right now its at 47k! the video has being up for two and a half years, and there is no reason that it would suddenly get such hate. someone down it the comments said this video got hijacked by bots, but i really don't understand...why??? like, its a stop motion video. sure, a very popular one, but... how come someone would want to hurt this video? its so weird.....
edit: checked the most liked comment about the dislikes (from 1 year ago) and it seems that the bots started around 4 months ago...
I read the comments hoping to understand why so many dislikes. I could not find any negative comments...

The number of dislikes on this amazing work of art is almost as disturbing as the creepy baby-man-clay-monster in the film. I simply do not understand.....
Dynn The Innkeeper
Moral of the story: if the Globglogabgolab shows up on your doorstep, give him candy.
Fish Smell Bad
Thanks I didn't need to sleep anyway
Bumba Malumba
This is like the Silent Hill of stop motion animation. I praise this just for that uncanny feeling it gives
Visible Confusion
1:05 me after i eat 7 cheese burgers in one go
Ben Haidari
Honestly, why does this have so many dislikes!!! This is a work of art, even if it is scary.
I do no like this. I LOVE this.
Atena xD
My friend : whats your favorite horror movie?
Me : Fantasia by Guldies
My friend : w-what..?
Erin’s real SNS `
This took way to much effort to get 26k dislikes
Matteo Gauthier
47k children didn't give candies to the monster
These videos are the kind of thing I bet Tim Burton sees when he gets high. Still awesome how fluid everything was. Amazing work
[{Lucca Morandin G.}] 7th • Ultra-Conservative •
One of my favorite Stop Motions... What's the name of the background music?
Dinoplayz Lol
This bothers me so much lmao
This is amazing ! Pure pure talent you have ! I love this and all your videos so much, keep it up !!
nooneisgonnastealthenameIhadbefore soimgood
100.000 Subs With Bad Videos Challenge
Stop motion is the only kind of horror that rattles my nerves, and sneakily gives me nightmares later on.
Evangelene Coffin
~sets cup down~ what am i watching?...and why
Хомяк Зайцев
Eeeee, what a drug addiction
William Sermogenes
Its kinda spooky😥😥😱😱