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Some have said the morph ball is lame, but if you use your gnoggin you can see just how amazing it truly is, impossible even! But here we will look at how it actually does work, despite breaking the laws of physics. This is part 2! here is a link to part 1: Support the channel on Patreon! Facebook: Tumblr: Twitter: Second Channel: Intro Music by: Outro Music by Kubbi: Other music is official music from the OST of the game talked about, or is from and is listed: "Relics of an Ancient Race" by Argle "Torvus Clockwork" by DarkeSword "Dirty Sam" by DarkstaR
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Potatoe Master
"The morph ball is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE, but let me tell you how it works."
-Gnoggin, 2015
Holly Rea
You know, taking the spirituality thing into account, it also explains why Samus's suit disappears when she dies.
It sounds like an insane concept....until you look up the Kardashev Scale and read what a Type IV civilization might be like; they could potentially possess the technology to ascend into "living energy". Remember children:

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"
-Arthur C. Clark

Chozo are Type IV; that would explain their sudden disappearance in the series lore. They didn't die out; they ascended.
Type Masters
I really like nogging's counter theory's to the popular mat pat theory's
I STILL was to either see a theory off between those two or at the very least deadlock episode together and the topic could be about two popular yet plausible theory's, now that's something I would watch.
no u
Why does he use so much click bait?
dylan Confer
100 Times someone else did matpat s job better
The Angry Little Alchemist
Hahaha I just finished Metroid Prime 1 yesterday for the first time. It's my first Metroid game. Now my favorite game of all time.
I dunno...doesn't this remind anyone else of Clark's third law which says that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic? Metroid is rather...Sci-Fi not much fantasy actually. I'd say it's just technology beyond our current understanding which might require concentration and a strong will to use and has those material altering properties. Makes more sense to me though.
Where did you find that animation of Samus dancing? I need it for...research purposes
Law Williams
I honestly, from playing Metroid Prime, always thought she was turned into energy inside the morph ball. Made enough sense to 10 year old me xD
if this were any other series, I would say this is a ridiculous stretch of a theory. HOWEVER this is literally a thought I had at one point; one I never gave much serious thought, but similar lines of logic at least.
I never really gave much of the egyptian thing any thought as I tended to suck in that section of the game and focus on the more threatening parts of the environment.....

that said, why would they add such retrospective elements as the clearly Egyptian-style arts and such. Especially with such a clearly story-telling style as the Valley-of-the-Kings use in their murals. if using the murals as a map marker, the story progresses in the background too. Simple art turns to more complex and then in the final areas of that segment, its the full art as you exemplified. 

I know it's what those such as yourself do Gnoggin (I forgot your name, i apologize as I'm a newer follower but have watched here and there before). But great job overanalyzing the every (possible) connective piece of lore and making an answer that makes STELLAR sense to the plot and mythos of the entire franchise.

Bravo my good sir, bravo.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!, you've leaked the information to the space pirates TT_TT now they'll create morphballs of their own!
What about the bombs
8:01 ahhh yeaaaah under dat suit ;D
Brenden Kidd
4:39 Holy cow is that guy holding a Wii mote? lol
I have a simple explanation. It's bigger on the inside.
Khen Wolf
Nah bro it's more simple Chozo=Timelord bigger on the inside.
J Eisel
So your entire point is "because magic"?
Chróme Cancerígeno
Or it has pokeball technology inside.
In other words the Chozo use Technomagic.
Gnoggin > Game Theory.
I'm starting to think you have a rule 34 addiction, but idk, that's just me.
Fabster Cola
Awesome theory 10/10 Maybe thats how the pokeball words as well
Akemi Homura
if parts of the suit can disappear wouldn't that explain how she can fit in the ball?
she could just concentrate to make it work.
When you are going to continue the Ultimate Crossover (just to ask)?