SHINY ALAKAZAM EVOLUTION! BEST GO FEST EVER! #Niantic #Sponsored|Resident Movies

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NO Jirachi Spoilers! Everyone was having some crazy shiny luck at Pokémon GO Fest 2019! Shiny Abra and Clefairy temporary spawns too! ►MERCH: ⭐️SUBSCRIBE: ⭐️PATREON: ⭐️DONATE: ►TWITTER: ►INSTAGRAM: ►FACEBOOK: ►MERCH: ►TWITCH: ►ART PRINTS: ▶CHECK OUT: JTGily: Mystic7: PkmnMasterHolly: Reversal: Super Trainer Sakura: TheKruseShip: TheTrainerClub: TonTon Train: TrainerTips: Yamada: Yuri: 💌 MAILBOX! ZoëTwoDots PO Box 130  WALLSEND, 2287 NSW Australia ▶ GEAR: Camera: Sony A6400 Tripod: JOBY Gorillapod Phone: iPhone X Screen Recorder: iOS 11 Screen Recorder Drone: Dji Spark Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro Streaming: OBS Streaming on the go: YouTube Gaming or DU Recorder __ Welcome to the #1 Stop for the latest Pokémon GO Update News & Pokémon GO Gameplay including Egg Hatching, Evolutions, Catching and High Level Gameplay! If you are looking for Tips and Tricks and Strategy Guides to up your Pokémon GO Experience and you LOVE Pokémon GO, then be sure to Subscribe NOW for more Pokémon GO Content! __ ►MUSIC: Custom Intro: Dmitry Zhbanov Songs Used: & Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0: __ WORLDWIDE BATTLES! PVP EXCLUSIVE DETAILS! Pokémon GO SHINY LAPRAS & TENTACOOL in Pokémon Let’s Go How to get MELTAN in Pokémon GO! HOW TO TRANSFER FROM POKÉMON GO TO LET’S GO! The DEADLIEST Ghosts in Pokémon GO __ Pokémon is Copyright Gamefreak, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company 2001-2016
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Yes Hello
Zoë, you should make merch with "Not Likely" in a shiny font haha
Equis Persona
2:33 "que onda weon" hahahahah i love nick :D
Carlos Rabbit 87
2:30 Swaggron is in the house
Carlos Beiza
Like si amaste el cameo de swaggron 🤘🏻
Bryon Cunningham
I loved being able to meet you Friday. My favorite shiny I got at go fest was probably my sableye. I've went pretty hard looking for one for a long time and I got two at go fest. Both came by the signing lines and my first one came in line waiting to meet you.

Obvously getting my relicanth finally felt amazing too. Already have the 2nd move unlocked and it powered to 1498 for pvp. One of my all time fav pokemon

I also really loved getting togetic in the wild. It was cool to see and not only that I was able to get a few togakiss for pvp great league.

Thanks #niantic for bringing us such a great event and for bringing Zoe and the other youtubers out.

My lone regret was forgetting to ask to do a trade with you Zoe 🙈
Iván López
Swaggron ve a Trainertips
Trainertips: Que onda weon
Castanedars Vlogs
Thank you zoë for making my Gofest amazing after seeing your beautiful self and you actually gived me some shiny luck i ended gofest with 8 shinies and I'm always down to give you every shiny togepi i hatched
Ahh! That’s me at 4:00😁 sorry for that Mawile fail lol hope you got it later on!
Liam McMahon
I don't know what was more amazing; your shiny Sableye hatch or your reaction to it! Congrats on an incredible run of shinies!
Ryan Colegrove
My favorite of the day was Machop cause I hunted hard for that one. Thanks again for the official Australian Kangaskhan as well. Glad to see you got some spicy mons on your formal play day
Nyan Krunex
Uncle Rick with the southern trainer tips.
Joel Smith
That shiny Absol is so tiny, but I've got you beat by 1 CP with 101!
Abigail Gilliam
1.I love your videos
2. You are special
3 .you make awesome videos
4. You are a shiny person on Pokemon go
5.You are the best youtuber
OMG ! Now I really think Reversal looks like Geodude 😂 LOL killing me
Karin Suel
My favourite Shiny is Absol. I am from Germany and looking forward to Dortmund. Will you be there too?
I caught a shiny horse in Sweden stockholm and a shiny clampern
Thank you so much for a Spoiler-free GO fest experience. I haven't been able to watch any other Tubers' videos because they all seem spoiler-y
Nikki Swimmer
Thank you so much for making two parts, I am going on Sunday and wanted to watch your video but didn’t want it spoiled!! I think you’re the only one who did!!💙
Dorobozaru O
What a fantastic day! I hope I can make it out there one of these years. They really did a great job on the event.
I was kinda upset that I wasn’t selected to go to Go Fest this year but I spent all of yesterday hunting the boosted shinies and got 23 shinies! I wish I could have gotten the Gastly Abra and absol but finally finishing Snorunt and Geodude felt great!
Patrick's Account
Zoe: my body is Regi

Pachirisu: what
Old Hag
I've been waiting for Reversal to that romantic pink thing he does to Nick on instagram when I had the beard on. Congrats on all the shinys! Looks like so much fun :) And we have the same "gift" all shiny are "not likely" :D
Juanangel Espinoza
like to see swaggron333, ZoeTwoDots
you're the best
Kaiden Cordeiro
I went to go fest and I managed to get a 100% shiny abra!! It’s always been my favourite shiny and now I have it it pogo!
I had horrible connection near the buckingham fountain!! Got shiny sandshrew and Gastly finally!! Only got 12 shinnies which seems pretty low