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A take on Teen Titan's Mad Mod chase the Overwatch world. "Sombra is wanted; her unwarranted hacking and peskiness are much trouble to the world sovereigns. Will the Overwatch team be able to capture her?" Note - You can try to spot all the heroes in the vid, except for Brigitte. We couldn't include her as we spent making it for a year+ sorry! Credits: Andrastae II - Sombra OrionVA - Soldier 76 VividCrystalsDubsVA (CrystalBlitzVA) Music from Teen Titan (K2G by Puffy AmiYumi) & Blizzard and their teams for this awesome game Patreon to thank: Aaron Kumar Thank you for watching! Do subscribe, we'll be planning more later on. Do support us on Patreon! and if you prefer to tip us instead:
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to the people who never had a chance to see this episode of teen titans, its on youtube go find it look up mad mod chase
Hafðu hljóð
People of different nationalities chase a Mexican under Japanese music
Mayonetta Umbran Condiment
I miss the old Teen Titans...
Wildheart Razorfang
Moira = Jinx
Reaper = Slade
Doomfist = Mammoth
Hammond = Gizmo
Hanzo = Red X
Widowmaker = Madame Rouge
D.Va = Terra
Symmetra = Mumbo Jumbo
Roadhog = Thunder
Junkrat = Lightning
Maximillien = The Brain.

Just in case you want to make this a series! ;)
Mason Pines
I DON'T EVEN PLAY Overwatch... and this is the best thing I've seen all day...
Matthew Miller
When the animation is just right 👌🏾
Blade BloodStorm
How it feels playing against a grandmaster sombra
Myles Hoglund
Ok having Genji ride Zen’s back is probably the funniest things I’ve seen all day.
Teen Titans was my childhood! Damn this animation was exactly what I needed from this fandom.
Flower Bomber
My 4 year old niece loves this animation and whenever I see her she says “can we watch catch me if you can?” Other than her I also love it and it’s creative how you use the characters
No Name
It took me till seeing Reinhardt in the holes scene to realize what episode this is, I find it hilarious how you used the heroes as the titans, especially Pharah as Raven.
So you have a German, a Swiss German, a Japanese person a American and Egyptian chasing a Mexican while Japanese music is playing in the background that’s enough culture for one day
Jay Reese
This was so great to see :>

But Rein, come on man, where's your barrier?
Man, I would totally love an Overwatch animated show if they had it in a style like this. That would just be perfect and I'd watch every episode.
1up you
Soldier = Robin
Mercy = Star fire
Pharah =Raven
Genji = Beast boy
Reinhardt = Cyborg

Did I get that right?
Mike Calamari
This should get way more views compared to the other animations on YouTube. And you guys must have put so much care and love to it cuz the attention to details and small references to other heroes who you’d never think would appear
John-Paul Kliebert
This tickles my nostalgia just right
Double Z
I just realized that mercy dressed up as the medic for TF2...

Adriano Ponte
I'm crying without control
Papa Bear
That’s was fun and really awesome! Nice take on it too keeping it how the original went but fitting to Sombra’s look and stuff. Can’t wait for what you plan next!
A video that pops up in my head occasionally and I end up having to watch it to scratch the itch.
C Austin
So, Soldier 76 is Robin, Reinhardt is Cyborg, Mercy is Starfire, Genji is Beast Boy, Pharah is Raven and Sombra is Mad Mod?
Forest Lincoln
Rien: cyborg
76: robin
Genii: beastboy
Mercy: starfire
Phara: raven
meanwhile Zenyetta is the only one pushing the payload.