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There is a shortage of affordable housing in every state in the country, but it's especially bad in California — where there's only one affordable housing unit for every five extremely low income households. The gap is not only pushing more and more people out onto the streets—it's also creating a new, fast-growing, and hidden class of homelessness: People who in the past would have been able to afford a room or apartment but now live in their cars by necessity. Danielle Williams is one of them. She’s a single working mother who has been living in her van with her daughter for five years. At first, it meant sleeping in dark, scarcely populated areas, and being hassled by the police. But thanks to a program called Safe Parking — a network of parking lots equipped with porta-potties and lot monitors — she can now stay in her car overnight without worrying about her safety. VICE News traveled to California to see how the new program is helping people like Danielle live a little more comfortably, and met with a government official who’s frustrated there aren’t longer term solutions to help the roughly 16,000 people in Los Angeles who now sleep in their cars. Subscribe to VICE News here: Check out VICE News for more: Follow VICE News here: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Instagram: More videos from the VICE network:
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People who in the past would have been able to afford a room or apartment but now live in their cars by necessity.
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Jess Sandoval
$225 for 2 phones.... boost has plans for $40 a month.. come on 🤦🏼‍♀️
Mr. Jim Business
step 1) get rid of the dog
Steo 2) change cheaper phone plans
step 3) planet fitness membership $10 free showers... you can afford to exercise
Devon Hutson
Having dogs in a car all thier life is cruelty
can tho
The irony is that she is an accountant!!
Katie Adams
Leasing a car for $370 a month and $225 for 2 phones, she isn't doing a good job budgeting
Corina Calvert
I live in Texas and live off of less than what she makes. Cali is simply too expensive. I'd move to another state where housing is much cheaper.
$900 on Food a Month!

Lives in van.
Still decides to keep her 2 dogs.
the frugal landlord
$900 for food, well there's her problem.
Step one. the dogs got to go, find a good home for the dogs, that's an unnecessary mouth to feed and expenses also much more challenging to rent a space with animals
step two. get better phone plans even if that means going old school and buying flip phones.
step three. curb the restaurant spending, buying simple groceries can curb this drastically invest in a small coleman stove and a foreman grill, eat vegetables and fruits, make salads it would be at least 2/3rds cheaper to buy groceries than to eat out. Wifi can be found just about anywhere; most libraries have it, also good places to study.
step four. sock the savings away put it towards a down payment on an apartment, look for roommates or others in a similar situations to further reduce cost of living; lots of students go this route.

I get it being broke sucks lived poor myself, the only way that you can really get out of it is realize you can not maintain the same lifestyle you had when wealthier, sacrifice luxuries, and be thrifty.
When I lost my job I had to settle for one that had a significantly lower pay, to compensate I did the following

- Public transit, save on gas, save on insurance, save on maintenance cost. Actually started cycling too, I often still do it made me very fit and also was a good form of free recreation.
-make my own lunches brew my own coffee ( actually still do the savings are fucking crazy) 2 dollars going to coffee shop minimum over 30 days 60 dollars minimum that's if I did not buy a pastry, brew at home less than 50 cents a cup. same with lunch, what I would spend for a store bought sandwich could buy me the ingredients to make 3-4 of those meals myself.

- bought everything budget rather than premium it is actually not that bad a lot of people pay unnecessarily for branding, the no name coffee as good as folgers, store brand bread is just as good as wonder.

- Found local free sources of entertainment.
- bought second hand.
- learned to fix and maintain my own stuff.

I am not saying it was easy, but it did make up the difference in wage loss I had a roof over my head, a full belly, and ability to save money for bigger and better things, life is not easy sometimes we have to adapt our expectations to the situation we find ourselves, bigger and better things can come your way if you simply learn to adapt and being pragmatic about the situation your in. School is a good start I hope this person has taken a useful course you need more than school to be employable. Take the time to focus on self improvement, improve your health getting sick while poor is the worst eat better and exercise, improve your education maybe you cant go to the movies but you can read a book, develop yourself. It actually reflects in the overall demeanor people pick up on it and are by far more willing to lend a hand recommend you to their boss help you network your way to a job.
Adam Smith
She is an accountant and she can't see the glaring flaws in her spending.
Ramon Ayala
225 for two phones? I pay 120 for 4 phones.
Anthony Kence
Lady you can not afford to live in California move the hell out to greener pastures.
You manage others money but yet you’re homeless. That’s a damn good comical skit
Curiosi Tea
CA laws and taxes are ridiculous no doubt, resulting in insane cost of living, but this particular case is just a serious lack of creativity. I was in a similar situation, and here's what I did.
1. Gave away our pets to good homes, and sold pretty much everything - NO STORAGE. You will end up paying more to save your shit then the shit is worth. Leave any keepsakes with a family member or friend. Sensitive documents can be stored in a bank vault.
2. Bought a small RV for $1,000 with working stove and refrigerator that ran on propane. Other then that, it was a piece of crap.
3. MOVED to a cheaper location. In our case - AZ. Most of AZ is pretty RV friendly, I wouldn't recommend Phoenix though, I didn't feel safe there.
4. Worked. And saved like hell.
5. Bought a better RV.
6. Got a position as a park host with lot and full hook up included in the deal.
7. Researching what kind of work will be in high demand in the near future, and am now looking over my options.
8. I own a used truck, so no payments. I take good care of it so I shouldn't loose very much when I resell it.
9. We own our phones. I pay $15 a month for phone service with TING. My wife pays $3.75 a month for unlimited calling text and data with a crazy deal that she got through a Sprint promotion last year.
10. We buy all Organic and Non GMO foods, so our food bill is pretty high, but we notice a huge difference in our health which is invaluable. Our food runs $500 - $600 a month and we very very rarely eat out. - Almost never.
11. We have no debt whatsoever in any way shape or form, so though we may appear poor on the outside we are actually much richer then the majority of Americans.

We are actually much happier now, enjoying more time together, and a healthier life style then when we were trying to make it in modern society.
Marl Kalone
$900 a month on food means $30 a day. Y'all telling me you can't get a loaf of bread and eat pb&j or something?
Marie Many
$900 on food?? Does she keep her dogs in the van all day while she works?? Something wrong here.
I doubt she is an "accountant". She doesn't have a college degree. She probably does accounts payable and goes around saying she is an accountant. I'm a CPA and I can tell you accountants are in heavy demand everywhere
Misguided Youth
How you gonna spend 225 on a phone bill but still need wifi? I pay 50 bucks a month and get unlimited everything
Soy Sauce
Poor dog. It’s locked up in that tiny cage the entire day everyday.
She needs to stop eating so much.
Some houses in California are horrible.
Yet they cost about 400k 🙄
Joshua h
I had to stop.
This is all her own fault
She would rather eat food and be lazy and complain than save for a home
Jason Allen
I feel you I'm working full time and have lived in the motel 6 for almost two years and at the regall inn for over a year now. I just got caught up on some things and hope to save for an apt, but due to my bad credit that may not happen, but I'm here, I'm real, and I'm making it.