Battle for ownership of San Francisco's Presidio Terrace ends as sale rescinded|Resident Movies

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The fight over a private street that was sold off is heating up in San Francisco. The street is called Presidio Terrace, and it sold at an auction for an overdue tax bill.
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antonio gutierrez jr
14$ year lol wow lol
W Brown
For the most part, I wouldn't side with these rich folks, who'd slit your throat as soon as talk to you--using legal means, of course. However, these two smarmy and ambitious NON-CITIZENS do not deserve to take this street from the community. The governing body did not carry out due diligence when notifying any of the residence. Therefore, beyond the fact that non-citizens, or any nc, should have no ability to be involved in real estate transactions that are clearly predatory. I can see some not so interesting fees these two and their attorneys (from their home country, no less) could cook up to turn $90K investment into a good profit over time. Nothing like letting non-citizens have their way by circumventing things in this country to steal from us. I hope this pair loses their shirt, and their ambition.
Ghost Tommy
they are criminals these two charging 1500$ month to park you´re car
Shoeless Jack
Some sneaky Asians
Sugar Angel
Fucking greed ... they think it's cute with that smile fuck it take it away give them back their money .... the moment we start to see copy cats doing the same in poor neighborhoods I'm sure ppl will feel different
Ron Si
Wow. White people are racists and entitled. These lawyers are paid by the rich to take the street which belongs to the buyer and own it to themselves just for the heck of it.
dread kev
good for them now charge the fuckers to park on the private street. That same area had it where non caucasians could NOT own property there. serves them right.
Open Your eyes
Bull shit we all live under the same law enforcement efforts