S-Town One Year Later: How John B. McLemore put Woodstock on the Map|Resident Movies

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Al.com talks to Mayor Jeff Dodson about the impact the podcast S-Town has had on Woodstock, Alabama, one year after the podcast's release.
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Tim Brown
Didn't John B hate this dude lol
I thought John was freaking brilliant, in a strange kind of way... I feel sad for the dogs that depended on him.
My stepdad is the building inspector (very briefly mentioned in the podcast) for Woodstock. He said that the descriptions given in the podcast, on this man’s work, didn’t do it justice...He’d met John B. once; fixed some watches of his...said that this man’s work was just indescribable..and when my stepdad (name is Larry) is blown away or taken aback by something, it’s says a lot; because he’s an incredibly intelligent man himself. He’s red headed too lol.
Little Miss Twiggy
Best podcast I've listened to.
R.I.P. John B
King The Wolf
This podcast was one of the saddest things I’ve ever experienced. John B’s story is truly moving. It’s the story of a man who spent his life working to make his life enjoyable, but in the end, all this poor man needed was love. John B’s story has a message, a strong one at that. In our world, we strive to make ourselves happy, but all we need is a single person. Sadly, John B never found his person.
Breana Tangelino
The podcast was excellent. I wish I met John Mc Lemore before he left earth. I love people with unique hobbies and takes on life. He was an original for sure!
Allie Chambers
I’m astonished. I listened to the podcast recently after listening to some “story” podcasts, and I really assumed it was a fictional story. My heart just dropped to the floor now that I know it was all completely real. Glad this came up on my feed. John gave us a beautiful story, may he Rest In Peace.
Baby Albatross Music
From 1:10 to 1:40 this “mayor” simply regurgitates (almost verbatim) Brian Reeds first interaction with John B. (I highly doubt that he visited with the man who successfully sued him & his wife. In fact she states after the lawsuit relationships were strained.) People & Journalists now who come to Woodstock get referred to this man, who has decided to be the point of contact, the voice, to answer their questions. From one who grew up in, lived as an adult (until a decade ago) in “a small town, deep in Dixie”: I can tell you John B would tell you to find his friends, talk to them, and ignore that (biting my tongue) Mayor. He’s just monopolizing on the podcast, at John B McLemore’s expense, victimizing him even in his death.
I miss my town. I don’t miss all the back room deals, the gossip, the in-fighting, and the caste divisions that painfully exist. So, Roll Tide, unless it’s an AL-AR game, then it’s “Soooieeeyyy” “Go Hogs”
Darrick Hibbler
Mayor wants his 15 minutes. Kinda pathetic. Dude passed away and u trying to cash in. It’s not about u dude!!!!
Jamie Marie
That podcast really made me feel. It was put together so well. RIP John.
Chip Kelly
He speaks yet he says nothing ! Finish a sentence mayor before jumping on to something else
Ray Anderson
If you never heard the pod cast, you are in for a treat. Just google S-Town and down load it.
Mama's a Hot Mess
I was on Episode 2 of the podcast and was falling in love with John B. I was just telling my 14-year-old gifted daughter about this strange genius and how I was going to email him. We were on the way to school and Brian got the call from Skylar. I balled my eyes out. I wanted so badly to meet and befriend John B.
John B built Woodstock R.I.P
Caroline Caz
If faye the county clerk is to be believed John told her in his suicide call where the gold was and she and the police were the first on the scene. Why would the county clerk go to the scene? Faye said she told the attending police and we are to believe neigther went to collect the gold for safe keeping? Fayes boss the Mayor,Faye and the attending police know where the gold went. I am sure the whole town gossips about it. Yet no outside investigation in this shit town.
Mike Justice
It makes me sad that I'll never get to meet John B Macklemore....
Kim Possible
Good to know this stuff. Thanks for the video!
Rachel Thomas
I lived there for about tens years! don't have much to say about it, pretty boring place really.
Steph LJ
The podcast really glossed over the whole KKK kink in that town. But I guess if you point fingers in Alabama, you've only got so many...
Preston Bruchmiller
I wish that John B could have found a big o' leather daddy and not gone mad from mercury vapors. His story is tragic but this kind of story isn't as rare as you think. Small town America chews up talented queer people and spits them out. I spent 3 years hitch hiking and met several people whose lives could have made for a story as compelling and tragic as John B's. People with brilliant minds who were relegated to the weird edges of society that can twist and distort. People who's insights were keen and unique but were too much for the communities they found themselves in. If you live in a small town take sometime to talk to that one weird person in town you've only heard rumors about and seen in the grocery store, you might find out they aren't so bad especially if the thing that folks in town have against them is that they are queer, who knows you could prevent another John B from leaving the world before making their mark.
Mia Short
S Town is my favorite podcast. It reminds me of people I know and my home (Southwest VA). John B was a remarkable person and I’m so thankful to Brian Reed for giving us a glimpse into his life.
Tactful Redneck
Woodland lake road 🙃
Josh Garner
I was kinda let down. I spent the entire time waiting for something really crazy to happen and it never did.
Lilly Garden
Wow some people commenting are so selfish. Yeah I get that you are entitled to your opinion and all and so am I. Who are you to judge huh? Whether he was gay or wasn't gay, he was still a human being and struggled just like every one else on this earth. How dare you think you're better than everyone else.
Shady Queens
Can some add subtitles to this? I can't understand his accent.