The Iran Crisis: explained|Resident Movies

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US President Donald Trump said he planned to speak with the UK after Iran's Revolutionary Guard claimed it had captured a British oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz. Britain said it was urgently seeking information about the Stena Impero tanker, which had been heading to a port in Saudi Arabia and suddenly changed course after passing through the strait at the mouth of the Gulf. Read more: From Brexit breaking news to HD movie trailers, The Sun newspaper brings you the latest news videos and explainers from the UK and around the world. Become a Sun Subscriber and hit the bell to be the first to know Read The Sun: Like The Sun on Facebook: Follow The Sun on Twitter: Subscribe to The Sun on Snapchat:
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Imagine getting your political information from the bloody Sun...
Steve Williams
The Sun newspaper is owned by Rupert Murdock.
Lee McMaster
"What's behind the rising tensions between the US, UK and Iran?"
Not what the Sun tells you is behind it.
dave angel
If you believe this crap you have serious problems with comprehending reality
Smash A Commie
Another manufactured war to keep us proles busy focusing on the wrong enemy of our freedom and wasting resources that could improve the quality of our lives. Orwell got quite a few things right eh?
Nash Mahmut
Iran doesn't want to use petrodollar anymore, they want to use the euro, just as Libya did, just before ghaddafi was toppled. Everything else is a lie.
Charlie DS
look I was only here for page 3 and I clearly missed it so...
Fate Destiny
America ripped up the peace agreement and stared war games..... not gonna be funny when Iranian refugees start turning up in Europe. Any country that rips up an agreement of peace is really just the enemy of every country.
zara adeel
If only if only we could live in a world full of peace and love where everyone minds their own business.....
I can’t believe USA broke a contract, opposed sanctions, crippling an economy, convinces other countries to back it. Then is getting confused why Iran retaliates.
It’s like constantly kicking someone and when they kick you back, you say “woahhhh, we are going to go to war with you”.
And every news station is saying Iran is bad, like wtf, am I not understanding something?
K Russell
This is going to be taught in future school history lessons.
Jahangir Malik
Iran not living up to the spirit of the deal????.....really, the same deal which you came out of a year ago

Some people just dont have any shame at all and Donald Duck Trump is one of those people
Mario Dixon
Hipocrits it started wen US withdraw from the iran deal
Kadie Johnson
They purposefully omitted everything that matters.
Teri Beckham
Accuse your enemies of that which you yourself are guilty of.
It's about to kick off.
Chief M'Baku
Isreal and Saudi are using America, foolish Trump, to fight their main rival Iran. Iran is not Iraq or Libya.
Mad Haze
BS propaganda , Iran have been in the crosshairs for years . This was all planned long ago :P
Pseudo Nym
Oooooo. Tensions, volatile...
Fear fear fear. Push propaganda fear.
Trailer needs a bit of condensing. Can't wait for the movie 😒
Gaz Ali
The mideast is only volatile, because the U.S. is there...go home Yankee!!!!
armin ak
We like pice and we dont like war 🇮🇷
Lou Connor
because iran doesn't have a jewish/rothschild owned central bank.
Allied Atheist Alliance
The tories are all about austerity when it comes to healthcare, welfare and education, but also let's throw millions of pounds into fighting a war for oil companies and sacrifice a few soldiers lives too. Anything to keep our saudi puppet masters and party 'donors' happy. Before everyone gets defensive and gives me some whataboutism yes, labour are corrupt and greedy too.
Hope they sort it out verbally with no Nukes
Max Jenkins-king
Both sides are being sneaky, I think this is Iran's revenge for stuxnet