Mecard – The Final Battle Showdown – Bro vs. Bro! | Gabe and Garrett|Resident Movies

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Thanks to Mattel for sponsoring this video! Parents, you can find Mecard at the US retailers in the links below! #ad #Mecard Amazon: Target: Walmart: Mattel Shop: The ultimate Mecard battle has arrived! Gabe vs. Garrett! This is the final showdown, all that they’ve been training for the last few weeks! They are ready for the final battle and their friends have arrived to watch the big event! Who will win? The battle was exciting, watch to find out! Mecard is a new action battling game that uses strategy, memorization and skill to create the ultimate competition! This game is played with really cool transforming cars that seem to magically pick up the game cards from the battlefield as you roll over them! The cards then trigger an amazing transformation into a Mecardimal! Compare points on the cards to see who won the battle! But there's strategy to the game as the cards also have special battlefield abilities! Parents, while you play Mecard with your kids, please share with us some of your tips and tricks! For parents - link to see more exciting Mecard content!: #ad SUBSCRIBE! Follow Gabe and Garrett on social media! FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: Thank you for watching the Gabe and Garrett Channel! Music licensed by APM Music"
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