[ENG sub] PRODUCE X 101 [3회] ′에너지 넘치는 소년들′ P.T.Sㅣ방탄소년단 ♬NO MORE DREAM @그룹 배틀 190517 EP.3|Resident Movies

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[단독/3회] ′에너지 넘치는 소년들′ P.T.Sㅣ방탄소년단 ♬NO MORE DREAM @그룹 배틀 당신의 소년에게 투표하라! 글로벌 아이돌 육성 프로젝트 <프로듀스 X 101> 국민 프로듀서님, 잘 부탁드립니다! 매주 금요일 밤 11시 Mnet 본방사수! 프로듀스 X 101 최신 클립 다시보기 : http://www.tving.com/smr/vod/player/P/C01_B120181977?from=youtube #Mnet,#엠넷,#프로듀스X101#PRODUCE_X_101#프로듀스101#PRODUCE101#프로듀스48#PRODUCE48
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aei 。
kannequi //
One classmate of Kim Hyunbin said that Hyunbin make them listen to BTS' songs and he's always talking about BTS in school.

Edit: Because Hyunbin moved to Seoul at 14 (international age) to become a trainee, he had no family/relatives there. He couldn't celebrate his birthday with them and couldn't have seaweed soup (Korean tradition). So his class prepared a birthday party for him and since he likes bts, they gave him BTS LY Tear album. He became very happy and he bragged about it alot.

No wonder he knew No More Dream, which is very very unpopular in Korea. All the members on his team didn't know it, only he did. I hope armys can view this boy favorly. He reminds me a little of Jungkook. Full of passion and very energetic, hard working and can do it all (dance, rap & sing). He's also awkward and sometimes shy off-stage. Hehe. He's only 16 now (international age), and yet he is able to pull off such charisma like this. His hobbies are to exercise and read books. He also composes rap and plays the piano. He is also very strong, he's an athlete who liked to play soccer, and also competed in competitions as a cyclist. But he gave up on the professional cyclist path to become a trainee.

It makes me sad how mnet evil edited him during group battle, you can notice he became quieter in the succeeding episodes because of how he was portrayed. He was clearly close to this team, you can see him crying with the NMD members too in episode 5 (after crying with soumu hyungs). But when he got eliminated in episode 11 he didn't cry at all, he was still so hopeful and positive throughout the episode, he kept telling the others beside him not to give up hope and that they'll make it, again and again, and he kept encouraging himself not to give up. I love his mindset and attitude so much, from the start to the end, you can tell he's the type that keeps working hard no matter what the results are, and he doesn't let himself lose either in working hard, having passion or hope. I look forward to his debut.
Kim Hyunbin reminds me of Park Woojin, the dark horse. Slowly but sure climbed up and make it into debut line up
Stanley Lin
This song is actually not popular but this group made the song win
Ms. Syifabulous
source music is full of talented people
Gfriend must be proud of him❤
Lyra Nurmalita Sandra
Its prove that popular song not always win, if stage presence and vocal are amazing, hard work cannot lie.
tsunayoshi sawada
Kim Hyunbin is the next Yabuki Nako >.<
Marg Gnw
Kim Hyunbin deserved to debut actually
Damn that growl is so good
unbleached mingyu
steven kim's performance here is so underrated why is no one talking about that
Omg Hyunbin really captured the essence of the song istg, especially that last line
The fact that this song is an old song but so meaningful to ARMY and BTS.

The fact this song is too meaningful to me too because of KIM HYUNBIN

I'm glad 😭
Ira Chwan
My fav trainee Yohan Mingyu Hyunbin.. 💖💖💖

Hyunbin my new pick.. 💖
Zhou Jieqiong
Kim Hyunbin deserves a higher rank😢😢 So sadd, only 2 from this team made it to Top 60. This team deserves better!
Enjay Mari
I love 😍 Kim HyunBin Good luck from Philippines.
Aliza Shrestha
You dont know how many times i have watched the intro 😅 hyunbinnn!
Putri Nandira
Gue tuhh heran sma mnet bisa bisanya dia lupa masukin namanya kim hyunbin di daftar centernya☺ ular ularr
aika chii
Never get enough to see kim hyunbin, please give him more screentime 😭
Galaxy Bi
I'm glad Kim Hyunbin survive although he deserves better rank. but disappointed too coz won hyunshik (main vocal) and hong sunghyen(leader & main rapper) got eliminated 😞
these 3 are my fave in this team😶
hana peace
the fact that i see ppl hating this group bcs they covered bts lmao. stay pressed, anything related to bts will and always be the winner. congrats to this group
Suga BTS
Pls debut huynbin !! You so talent !!💝💖
ppanjak ppanjak
99% here is all about hyunbin 😂😂✊
Tho i like team boss, this team deserved to be the top team . Vocals, rap , dance are all in sync. New faces, raw talents but have the stage presence. Congrats No More Dream Team.
msSimple Wei
This season got a lot of powerful rapper ! Kim Hyunbin is one of them, but he can sing well also ! Please make him debut ^^ Congratulation for 1st among these groups ❤
Jasmin Bregente
Im sure hyunbin will debut , i can see passion in performing
alpaca youngmin
Hyunbin is getting the recognition slowly but surely. I would've been happy if they others also survived.