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Director Alex Garland and stars Domhnall Gleeson and Alicia Vikander talk about making the Film4-backed sci-fi thriller. Ex_Machina is released in UK cinemas on 21st January 2015. For more information, visit:
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Kcuf elgoog
Nice try AVA, you're not fooling me. You got out became an actor and made a movie about what you really are in an attempted double bluff should questions be raised about you not sleeping and your electricity bill being suspisiously high.
Afrim Afrim
Wow the fake american accents were very well done. Usually it's painfully obvious when they're fake - even in some big films..but not this one.
Jesus Christhole
She is stunningly beautiful.
Agus Tin
Alex Garland, I take my hat off to you, great movie.
Brock Aband
When she was putting on her skin I was thinking "wait am I seeing her nude or is that just robot skin" that's how much the movie made me believe she was a machine lol.
This movie blew me away. It was amazing....
Rodrigo Ventilari
Alicia Vikander is to me the most gorgeous actress in Hollywood
brian janson
I've seen it twice at the theater and I very rarely do that. If you miss this on the big screen you are cheating yourself. This is a brilliant piece of cinema.
If this doesn't win an oscar for directing i'm going to chill out and know that the oscars are obsolete.
I don't blame Caleb falling for Ava because I did too lol.
Who else was watching Alicia closely making sure she is not a robot?
Nigel Rowley
Intelligent and absorbing piece of cinema by Alex Garland.
Great actors. Moody film score.

First time that I had seen Alicia on the big screen. It certainly won't be my last.
Alicia Vikander is perfect. I want to marry her.
Nabil Iman
is that poe dameron?
I disagree with the writer/director that it's a movie that's somewhat sympathetic to the AI. I think it tried to do that but it failed. If you finished watching the movie and you felt good about Ava and the outcome, then I think you have issues haha. This movie made me more terrified of AI than any other AI movie I'd seen.
Trust In The Universe
I was speechless by the end
jay love
ava was playing him the whole time interesting movie tho kept my attention alicia is gorgeous!!!
Grey Sky
Alicia Vikander is so gorgeous and extremely talented.
Dane Cramer
Alicia seems kinda dorky in real life, which makes me find her even more adorable, lol...
Ela Lamblin
great film..n scary as hell
You tried
isn't it a bit selfish and arrogant to think that creating something pretty much perfect as an AI robot will want to be something so flawed such as humans? We see ourselves as the top dog of our world and that's why we want everything to sort of be like us, by giving it human characteristics. The thing of want is a very human thing and I believe that a robot can never desire something. This is where story comes in and creativity to make it entertaining and not a possible future.
john leto
For me it set the bar for this year, and I don't think I will see a better film, I seen it 2 weeks ago and I am still thinking about the concepts, it's excellent. *****SPOILER ALERT COMMENTS BELOW REVEAL THE ENDING******
Ezekiel Morris
Alicia's beauty is almost unreal
And who does Oscar Isaac's character look like from the neck up (haircut, beard)?
A younger in-shape Charles Stross of course. Ava's bodyworks looks suspiciously like the female humanoid on the cover of the latest edition of "Saturn's Children" by Charles Stross.
Cathy One1
I found the film completely captivating. She is so real and so intelligent in her interaction skills. The film depicted such intensity between all three of the main characters. All were so bright skilled and highly intelligent and this in my view gave it so much depth. Ava looked so incredible and how she spoke, moved, engaged was incredible to watch as she was someone who was not only so beautiful to look at but had consciousness and its consciousness that makes us 'human'. The setting the isolation her being so 'hidden' from the world was so powerful that something so alive was being held almost in total isolation in captivity from the world yet when we see her leave the 'house' she cannot be distinguished as anything else but 'human' and her entry into the world which we see a glimpse of at the very end gives us a glimpse of how no one would ever know she was a robot'? Then we see Domhnall Gleeson's character now in captivity like she was at the end , screaming to be set free which I think Ava was too 'screaming to be set free' but she did not express it like that but she felt no different and too was screaming to leave..The different compartments with different body parts and faces spoke powerfully too. So much attention to detail and what a genius Alex Garland is for his work on this work. What an eye for detail . Psychologically powerful, the use of language in it was so powerful - wowIts such a genius film which I loved so much at the cinema and it stayed with long after I left..