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Nice bro u do similar content to me bro so rate u highly ❤️
Vyper Plays
When you actually become Ceeday

Ceeday: nervousness intensifies
abc defg
Using ur code is my favourite activity
Hi Hide
Keep up the good work. I honestly don't now what to recommend other than background music because your videos are LIT😀🔥
Bryan Salinas
Unlike other people (not everybody) you edit your videos in a way that is enjoyable, and funny
Luc Ydr
This video is sooo funnyyy
Wish u have a succesful Carrerr😁

Noah Laveno
I will use your code in two days ok. But only if you like or love or comment my comment:) love ya'll
Doctor Coolness
Your a really good editor
Yo you're vids are cool you deserve 1 million subs also wanna 1v1
What a vid bro keep it up 👍
Kid Clash
Lit fam video my man 🦜🦔
Burian Kitchen
Subbed to clippie sorry for spelling and subbed to the other guy YEET.
Cinnamon toastken
First video I've watched of him the best YouTuber ever I have to use his code bought 3 things using his code
Mr Coleman
I'm begging for 1000 subs
Connor M
1:05 that guys funny
Mils With the skills
Like a if u yeet
Hugo Ehrlich
Thank you kluggie
Not bad
v nice buddy
nigglet the nabba
Good job good video
Reckter _
ReWind Rainzy
You should watch my vids too i edit on mobile
Blizzy Dark
I have two things...
Kluggie can u add me i really like your memes
2 is can you subscribe to me i will sub back i want to get to 100 subscribers