Off Track: China Railway Displaces Lao Villagers (Part 2) | Radio Free Asia (RFA)|Resident Movies

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A two-part RFA investigation examines how construction of the China-Lao railway is forcing Lao villagers to relocate, amid complaints of inadequate compensation. The first part follows the route from the China border to Luang Prabang. The second part follows it through Vientiane province to the Thai border. Subscribe to our channel: RFA's official site: Follow RFA: Facebook: Twitter: About RFA: Radio Free Asia (RFA) is a private, nonprofit, multimedia corporation, bringing award-winning, domestic journalism and uncensored content to people in six Asian countries that restrict free speech, freedom of the press, and access to reliable information beyond their borders. For more information, please visit
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shane rock
soon lao country will belong to chiness